Music Under the Water Tower is a family-friendly concert series in Donnellson, Iowa featuring Americana, folk, blues, jazz, and bluegrass musical acts. Held in the town’s American Legion Hall — located under the water tower, as the name suggests — the series was started by Doug Seyb in 2003. Seyb’s mission is to introduce the local community to music they would not otherwise be exposed to. Of course, Seyb has his ulterior motives. A third-generation farmer, he is passionate about music and the concert series is a way for him to see performances he wouldn’t get to experience otherwise.  Almost a dozen years later, Seyb’s efforts to share the cultural riches continue to be a win-win for all. The atmosphere of the concerts is representative of the everyone-pitches-in way of life in rural Iowa — bring a potluck dish to share (if you want) and BYOB. Donations are welcome — we suggest $10 at the door.


Feel free to bring a pie to the potluck. We love pie!


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